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1 the feel of a surface or a fabric; "the wall had a smooth texture"
2 the essential quality of something; "the texture of Neapolitan life"
3 the musical pattern created by parts being played or sung together; "then another melodic line is added to the texture"
4 the characteristic appearance of a surface having a tactile quality

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  • (US)
    • /ˈtɛkstʃər/
    • /"tEkstS@r/


From texture.


  1. The feel or shape of a surface or substance; the smoothness, roughness, softness, etc. of something
    The beans had a grainy, gritty texture in her mouth.
  2. The number of layers or instruments heard in a sound.
    The piece of music had a mainly smooth texture.
  3. (computer graphics) an image applied to a polygon to create the appearance of a surface



  1. to create or apply a texture
    Drag the trowel through the plaster to texture the wall.



From textura''.


fr-noun f

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Texture refers to the properties held and sensations caused by the external surface of objects received through the sense of touch. Texture is sometimes used to describe the feel of non-tactile sensations. Texture can also be termed as a pattern that has been scaled down (especially in case of two dimensional non-tactile textures) where the individual elements that go on to make the pattern not distinguishable.
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